Sep 22, 2011


We think we're Mets fans/not Yankees fans
We don't think we'll ever be Red Bulls fans cuz their fans are rude
We're forever IKEA fans but that doesn't mean I'm excited to figure out how to turn these and a stack of plywood into a dresser.
So far, definitely fans of autumn weather in New York. Everyone told us and I think everyone was right.
This guy is our #1 fan. He hangs out on our fire escape or in our tree all day long.
Oh, and 6 months of marriage, we're major fans of that.


Kristine said...

i'm a fan of regan and kate!

Veronica said...

yeah, mets not yankees.

hanner said...

6 months! that just flew by.

emily said...

ben and i are totally mets fans. just sayin'.

ap said...

lets be honest you guys are way too classy to be yankee fans (plus theres a shack shack on the other side of that budweiser sign)

Tim Glenn said...

I really think you made the right choice.