Sep 6, 2011

Rockaway Beach Baby

For Regan's birthday/day off we went to Rockaway Beach (it's to the south/east of us in Queens and about 75 minutes away by subway, not bad at all). It wasn't very hot but I'm sure glad we went when we did cuz it's rain on the forecast for as many days as we can see now. We like the beach for being the beach but, admittedly, our main motivation for choosing Rockaway was this taco stand. And it did not disappoint. We ate there walking to and from the beach. Really the beach in between was more of a technicality. (okay not really. but sorta.) They also had italian ice and a veggie stand and a surf shop. All attached to each other. But we couldn't really be bothered by those when we had tacos to eat.

When we got home we got Thai take-out and ate it on our roof (so new york, right?). It felt so good up there (we don't have AC) that we both accidentally, promptly fell asleep after eating and woke up in a panic that it'd been hours. And anyway, I think it's safe to say that this September 5th, our lives are better than they were last September 5th. Here's to keeping that trend going for about infinity more years!


Jane said...

YAy Yay YAY!!! rah rah rah. this post is making my fists pump. so happy you went there. must.try.soon.

em said...

Happy Birthday Regan! I wanna try this place so bad! Your city living sounds awesome and we (I) miss you. I didn't even get to say g'bye.

shayna said...

Oh this was a good post. I'm in love with those tacos, your roof, Thai take out and you and Regan.