Nov 9, 2011

just cute things

- Regan doesn't know how to roll his eyes. How do you get to be 26 without ever rolling your eyes? I think I've been doing that since I was 2.
- We realized the other day that we got married on the 1-year anniversary of our second 1st kiss. We didn't even realize we were doing such a cute thing!
- We're slowly making some real friends here but for the most part, we're still kinda all we have in this city. I'm glad that isn't getting old at all. I was a little nervous that it would, ya know?
- We watch a show and play a board game almost every night. Sometimes we read a book. And make/eat lots of popcorn. Sometimes I get sad that we only have 3-4 hours to hang out each day and then I think about people with kids and/or jobs and I guess we've got it pretty good for now.
- One time (tons of times) I made a list of things I wanted in a husband and "he plays with my hair" was right above "he loves me" (I was young). Point is, Regan LIKES to play with my hair and does it without even noticing that he is. Bonus.
- Gmail keeps yelling at me because I'm running out of storage space and I need to delete things. I didn't know where to start so I just started choosing a person, typing in their name, and deleting all my correspondence with them. Mostly old boyfriends and stuff. Talk about entertaining/depressing. I read through a few things and I do not understand what I was thinking/doing. And I certainly don't know how I ended up married (to such a good person). We talk about that a lot. How being married has not given us any more insight into how people get married. We re-cap our entire courtship about once a month and laugh about how it somehow got us here. It's just a crazy thing that happens. I still agree most with Cousin Rob's theory: "find another person who wants to get married and spend time with them until you want to marry each other." It sounds so unromantic/practical, but it gets more romantic the more I think about it.
- Autumn is in full swing. The trees glow when the sun hits them, it's awesome. I'm trying to let this make up for the fact that it's dark at 5pm. I'll try to get some pictures before it's all gone.

p.s. I'm starting a job at paper source tomorrow. Please bless I like it, and that the discount is good.


em said...

I thought gmail was infinity? lame. you must have a lot more bf's then I do/did? cuz I am kind of jealous.
I like this list. Good luck at paper source. sounds fun!

hanner said...

popcorn! aaahhh we are obsessed still. but the new obsession is CARAMEL corn. robbie/real simple makes the best.

Kristine said...

these are my favorite posts of yours. i miss u kate.

paper source is a dream! that and the container store. good luck on 1st day.

Jane said...

love this post so much. miss you.

Bean said...

I love all of this.
All my evidence that other boys ever liked me is already long gone. (unless I've got a candygram from Brown Jr. High sitting in a box somewhere...)

Jonas said...

I like this post because its awesome.

momacita said...

Katie,love your list. I told Grandpa you think your husband is cute and he said "if he is, it's because Katie is so cute". Just wanted to pass that on. I still have one old picture with a boyfriend. I kept it just so my kids and grandkids could laugh about it, and maybe realize I WAS young once.

Bean said...

momacita- get that picture on rambly-andy, STAT!

Kati said...

That list is great! Good luck with your job:)

miss warner said...

i love all this cuteness.