Nov 4, 2011

Sister Sister

Shortly after Carrie's departure, my sister came from DC to visit and see New York for the first time. It was nice weather and I think we hit a pretty good foundation of this place. Next time she comes we can take it to the next level. We walked a lot and ate a lot. Here's what I remember: picking her up from the bus (and waldy's pizza), the high line (and doughnut plant), Strand bookstore (and falafel), NY public library (and shake shack), The Met (and those cupcakes from the cute cupcake cart), getting pretty turned around in central park, Brooklyn Bridge (and grimaldis), a fancy haircut (and that pie!), trying to fix our bathroom sink and instead discovering a hole-filled pipe (and take-out thai food), church (and lots of leftovers). We were bummed the Statue of Liberty tours were all sold out because it's closing for a year and we really want to go in that museum inside the base of her! Obviously we loved having her and it felt so nice to know that she's close and can come back again so we weren't stressed about doing every single thing and could just take our time eating and walking.


momacita said...

Don't know if I can wait until June.

Bean said...

Your landlord needs to fix that sink so I can stop feeling bad. (or dad needs to visit and really fix it) I want all that food all over again.

shayna said...

I really love sister time.