May 31, 2012

How to pretend like you're on vacation for at least a week after it ends

1. Leave the air mattress out and inflated for spontaneous, luxurious naps
2. Leave the ledge covered in candy, bakery treats, etc. for mindless snacking
3. Make some more fruit soup
4. Look through the 5 pictures you took over and over again
5. Make a new spreadsheet of possible restaurants/activities for the next guests


bec said...

6. Go to Target with your left over NY money and buy things like a bubble gun and cool crayons for Maddy and pretend like they are from NYC.
7. Make plans to go to a new park every week during the summer and pretend like you can sit there uninterrupted for 5 hours while eating licorice and those delicious almonds.

shayna said...

I love the list. It seems like a sure thing. I'm jealous of the sister time.

momacita said...

Sure beats the letdown I feel after any of you go home.