May 17, 2012

If you'd like to

Listen to some pretty music

Make your own felt baby shoes

Vote for some thank you cards I designed for
(I think you have to create an account, sorry about that)

Know what I've been watching sorta obsessively (but I just saw that My Best Friend's Wedding is on Netflix now so I'll take a break for that). Can we talk about all the Mormons who have been on this show? And how frustrating the "gameplay" aspect is but what good TV it makes? And how affective their product placements are- I've been craving a lot of Subway thanks to them.


A Toast to Kos said...

I like your life right now. It reminds me of my own while I was pregnant. And sort of now, honestly. Come over to Prospect Heights and hang out with the moms! I don't have your number anymore, dang. Text me and we'll plan something if you'd like?

Those baby shoes are so dang cute. Can I pay you to make a boyish pair for Silas? I'm not opposed if they're actually not boyish and look just like the picture actually. He's a baby! Baby's can wear whatever...right?!

shayna said...

Voted. I've never watched the biggest loser. I guess I'll have to start.

Siouxzy said...

Things are new around here. I like it. I love your're disgusting. We like to watch the Biggest Looser a lot too. I always had a crush on Sione from season 8 .... I think he was mormon.

Veronica said...

Well look at those cards! And I really have to make some of those shoes.

Veronica said...

Wait, how did I miss the paragraph about Biggest Loser? So many Mormons...what does it mean? My mom saw one of them at the corn booth at the state fair last year.

momacita said...