Jun 19, 2012

Sisters Trip 2012

A few weeks ago, all 4 of my sisters came to New York for a week. It was awesome. I like to call it Sisters Trip 2012 because that implies that this will be a recurring event in our lives which makes me very happy to think about. Hope you're ready for a million pictures.

5th avenue street fair on our walk home from church. I guess this is how many people are in the neighborhood when we're not all stacked on top of each other.
Sunday lounging in Prospect Park where we accidentally overheard a Hall & Oates concert.

Rainy day trip to Liberty and Ellis Islands
Same rain, same islands
Our dorky audio tour equipment (that I loved) in the pretty Ellis Island Museum
Unfortunately I don't remember what we were so amazed and happy about

We spent a lot of time down here. Hopefully I wasn't always making that face.
Celebrity! Celebrity! We saw Vanna White at Shake Shack with some teenagers. No, we didn't see her actually eat anything. 
Yumm. Doughnut Plant for breakfast. I think we tried every flavor they had that day.
Walking the highline in the pouring rain. Still pretty but not ideal.

Empire State Building. We never made it to the top because the top was always covered in clouds!

When to shop was quite a dilemma for us. We had the most effective shopping energy in the mornings but then we had to haul our bags around all day. Tricky stuff.
I showed this picture to Regan and he said 'welcome to my life'. Whatever. I'm sure I was just getting to the good part of a story.
Central Park being so green

Brooklyn Bridge and a misty Manhattan. Guess I'm really pregnant, geez baby!
Weary travelers
Us three (ahh) at the Central Park Lake
On our lovely stoop

Believe it or not we did a lot more than what's pictured here. Mostly eating and standing in lines for bathrooms though. I think my favorite day may have been when we went to a leisurely breakfast, shopped a little, and then sat in Prospect Park for 5 hours until we were ready to walk Brooklyn Bridge and eat pizza. Hard to top a day like that. The whole thing was so drama-free. I mean 5 sisters in 600 square feet for a week and we never even fought about bathroom time in the mornings. I guess we're all grown up now. Can't wait till the next one.


megan said...

fun! and the "welcome to my life" picture is killing me. I'm always making rude faces at JG in pictures. woops.

Sarah said...

The picture in question is when we were trying to throw pennies into the top tier of the fountain at Bryant Park. I don't know how any trip could ever come close to this one but I hope we keep trying.

Kristine said...

cuuuute sisters. cute pictures!! looks like a real great time. and you lookin fly pregnant!

sisters trips need to happen yearly, at least.

shayna said...

Sister time is my favorite time. You are all so beautiful. I love to see the Anderson/Anderson in all of you.

Emilee said...

You ladies are all so beautiful and stylish. (The dresses! The hair! It's all fabulous.) I'm terribly jealous of a Sisters Trip. Annie and I will have to give it a try, but it doesn't seem quite so epic with only two sisters instead of five.

Jane said...

hey cool new header.

thanks for posting lots of pictures!! sisters are the best best best. looks like a way fun trip. i bet you are the best at new york tour guiding.

communikate. said...

5 sisters?! Man.. I grew up with 5 brothers (zero sisters) and I was always so jealous of girls and their sisters. Sounds like a great trip!

Amy Rex said...

the welcome to my life thing... so funny. you guys are awesome. we miss you. i keep trying to think of ways to get to nyc asap! i mean coming to help you with your new baby seems like a good excuse to me.

sarah said...

So I am catching up on blogs after a long hiatus. You girls are lovely. And you are pregnant! Congrats. You look lovely, you should do this pregnant thing lots.

momacita said...

Can I just say that I have the prettiest daughters anywhere? And Katie, you must have posted some of my visit on Facebook, cause when I got home my friends had seen me in NYC. Kind of amazing, isn't it? I had a great time and it's already kind of starting to blur in my mind. Time to go back in a little more than one month.

momacita said...

p.s. Katie, how do I vote?