Jul 24, 2012

Showered, twice

Once via the magic of the internet/skype and the US Postal Service and generous family:  
The Johnsons sent us cute decorations and yummy matching treats along with presents, etc. and then passed us around on a computer. It was a really hi-tech shower and almost as good as hanging out in real life. Don't mind the seams on my shirt screaming for mercy.

And the first shower, way back when sisters were in town. Brought to us by the magic of really nice friends.
All the yummy food getting set up. That cake was as delicious as it was pretty.
Sorry, no pictures of me holding up the million cute things we got. I guess we'll just have to wait 3 weeks! and see them in action


lissa said...

i'm into your color block belly.

shayna said...

A skype shower? So modern and hip.

bec said...

i could use some of those incredible almonds right this second.

abby said...

So cute! All of this! You look beautiful Kate.