Sep 17, 2012

Now we know

Last week we celebrated Regan's 27th birthday. Boy are we lucky to have him around. Gwen would be so sad without someone to put her in the submission hold every night. He's the closer around here. That's just one of about a million reasons we're happy to be his girls. 

But anyway, the main point is that now we know that Gwen doesn't mind having obnoxiously huge things tied to her head. Bring on the flower headbands!


lissa said...

If you ever start a series called Gwen in Hats, I will be your first subscriber. You two are too cute!

hanner said...

i bet regan is REALLY excited about those headbands

Bean said...

I have a picture of Davey about that age in a similarly made hat, screaming his face bright red.
Good girl, Gwen.

momacita said...

Katie, you're as cute as Gwen. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother.