Sep 1, 2012

She's gonna love this place next summer

We took Gwen to meet Prospect Park yesterday. She mostly slept.
I think that means she liked it.
She's comfortable, I promise

Fake sleeping for the camera. Gwen couldn't hold it together.

Not nearly enough rolls on these legs (yet).

Makin' Oh's and practicing her winks.


shayna said...

You two are pretty.

Veronica said...

I like this.

momacita said...

You look great, Katie.

olivia said...

yay yay yay! i realized i never gave a proper hurrah on here, but you should know i'd been following. so so happy for you guys! gwen is so so beautiful and i LOVE the name... been on my girl list for a while... (that kinda sounds like i'm saying 'i thought of it first' or something, which would be reason to not mention it, but i say it just to convey how great i really think it is. so i'm not deleting it.)

wish we could hang out with you cool 3!

shayna said...

I just looked at this post again...and you look so pretty. It's those good eye lashes of yours. Nice work. I hope Gwen gets those.