Mar 14, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition

There's a system here in Brooklyn where if you don't want something, you put it on your sidewalk and someone else takes it. Like, within an hour. It's pretty amazing. Sunday we were walking home from church and this dollhouse was sitting outside our neighbor's house. With the previous little girl owner and her friend standing watch. It was sorta sad to take it away right in front of her but she promised me she wasn't sad and told me to "come back again any time." Plus, she snagged her misplaced My Little Pony back just in the nick of time.

BEFORE picture. This is even after a serious scrub down in the shower. The whole thing was crazy caked with old paint. Not sure what our next move is. Can it be saved? I'm excited to work on it. I'm not as excited about finding somewhere to put this thing. If all else fails, we can ditch the house and just keep the cute furniture.


Grace said...

this looks like the deluxe version of the one I picked up! I washed it and painted the frame and did a little tile floor but lost interest once I realized that Alta can't really enjoy it for a few more years. (ours didn't come with the really great furniture you have either!) Then I got smart and turned it into a bookshelf for all her board books and she loves it.

Grace said...
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shayna said...

I think half of the furniture and toys that I had growing up were something off the street...and I grew up in Idaho. I think the house is a good find. I wish I could come over for craft night.