Mar 12, 2013

Seven Months

Looking way too old:

This girl loves her tongue:

Help me:


Cute little stinkbug:

Sunshine girl:

Just standin around:

Serious gwen:

Hi baby:

I love this picture:

Doing a jig on her signature blanket:

And some animation for the road:


lissa said...

K, I love all your captions. And this girl is getting so adult! Love it!

shayna said...

Looks like I love her more everyday.

elizabeth said...

She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

ok cutest baby ever! I love these pictures!

Siouxzy said...

Hey hey hey, little bag of sugar, you're so sweet I could eat you up!

Bean said...

That animation looks like a frog eating a fly. Way to grow cuter and cuter Gwen!

momacita said...

And she has her new dress on!

Lacey said...

Oh Gwen