Jan 8, 2008

i sewed an apron just now

i haven't been taking pictures of my projects lately and that makes me sad because i just make them and then i never see them again and sometimes i miss them. so even though my camera battery is dead tonight, i used my phone to take a few pictures because i really want to feel good about myself later on when i see this and remember that i made it. at any rate, i bought this tulip tablecloth on my last trip to boise and it's a little bit dingy but i really love it and anyway, now it's an apron and hopefully patrice, my old roommate that now has two babies! will really love it! when i give it to her in person Tomorrow! or actually, Today! I'm tired!


Jill said...

Cute! I like that fabric...I can totally see patrice wearing it!

bec said...

so resourceful! way cuter as an apron than a tablecloth

Meredith said...

I am loving this.