Jan 15, 2008

i'm fickle, but you knew that

new favorite. yeah, of course i heard it first on the stupid macbook air ad. the ad's not stupid. (i can hear the ad playing on at least 3 people's computers right now.) the air is. (yes, i kind of feel like i could get in trouble with the federal government for saying that.) and of course i don't really mean it. and of course i want one. i know, it's really really pretty. but i'm not ready to give up my disc drive. i don't care what matt says, i like burning mix cds. and i'm pretty sure you all like receiving them. and i don't want to use my one and only usb port to plug in a drive. and i don't want to 'borrow' one from another computer via bluetooth. because i still don't get bluetooth. and i can only think of hands-free headsets when i hear the word bluetooth. so maybe the air isn't for me. but then why did they make it look so pretty? because teenie pretty things are always for me.

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sir mister landlord sir said...

But it would go perfect with a mac mini (my mac mini!)! I exclaimed.