Apr 24, 2009

kinda wrong, kinda right

I got rid of 12 pairs of shoes yesterday. I'll probably never notice.
I single-handedly supplied items for 10 centerpieces at a dinner yesterday.
I just bought Vitaminwater as my 'special treat' at the store.
I plan on staying up until I read (thoroughly) all 3 of the US Weekly magazines sitting next to me.
I went into American Apparel today.
I study this one picture of Paris Hilton every morning before I do my hair, for inspiration.
I haven't started packing and I move in 6-7 days.


emily p said...

do you happen to read newsweek...?

kake said...

no...should I? Did someone write this EXACT article? Did Paris Hilton write this EXACT article??

Anna said...

Where are you moving?

veronica said...

I kinda don't want you to move. I can't even picture you living somewhere else even though I have lived with you somewhere else.

Hans said...

wait, you're moving? why would you do this to you?

Anonymous said...

Um where are you going?

PS- I have the same problem with my nails.