Apr 26, 2009

An Ode to 66 E

On Thursday I'm moving to M street. I'm really excited about it because of things like a yard (!) and a washer and dryer (!!) and new roommates (!) and a giant park for a neighbor (!) and etc. BUT. Man am I going to miss this place on E. I mean, really really miss it. And I know that might sound weird but this place and I have been through a whole lot together. And where I live in general just means a lot to me. I put effort into being comfortable where I live and loving my surroundings because I think environment plays a pretty big role in being happy. Long story short, this place has kept me warm (if i'm fully clothed, in my bed, with lots of blankets) and safe. It cares when no thing/one else does, without me even having to explain myself. It never asks me why I'm eating cereal at 11pm or why I've been wearing the same shirt for 3 days. And I know it's an inanimate structure, so it doesn't really have a choice, but it's just always here for me, you know? And call me crazy for getting emotional about it, but it's gonna be pretty hard to say goodbye in 4 days.


hanner said...

i feel your pain. although the only thing in common our apartments have is the brick. because this place sure didn't keep me warm.

Jess and Abe said...

remember how we just stumbled upon that place... It was fate. I miss it and i only lived there for 4 months. I'm excited for you and the new place, probably bigger..bigger for themed parties?? yes. cant wait to see it, but i really am sad you are leaving E street.

veronica said...