Dec 14, 2009

I know, join the club

I can hardly stand how much I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox. I think every person should see it. Totally worth the scariest snowy drive home. My mind can't even think about how it was made. It's kind of all I want to look at or hear for probably 2.5 months or so. Which is almost as long as I could eat pizza for one meal a day without getting bored of it—3 months and 1 week—to put things in perspective.


Jane said...

kate. i'm sorry for being the worst co-pilot on saturday night. i was totally not helpful. glad you made it home safe. fun night.

Marcilyn said...

is it bad that i really related to ash? i'm just, you know, different (insert awesome hand movements)

Veronica said...

now i get why you're always wearing socks on your head, marcilyn.