Dec 29, 2009

I'll take it.

-5 hours of wedding shoe shopping with 2 sisters and a cheeseburger break right in the middle?
-being bossed around by the mini bunny queen? (we've had a couple pretty serious sass-offs)
-still knowing most of les mis and taking on the sonatinas today?
-starting The Road but being a little nervous to really get into it?
-watching UP with the whole crew? (and all of us losing it in the first 5 minutes?)
-movie tickets on the fridge for mr. fantastic fox?

doing pretty good on my list, i'd say. and this is why i like making easy lists.


Get Weird said...

hahaha sonatinas. i haven't thought about those in years. i should break those out some day.

Sarah said...

i'm so jealous right now.