Dec 25, 2009

It's 55 degrees n sunny and now it feels like Christmas?

Here's to being home. Soft water, hard towels, girls-only shopping trips with Grandpa (smashing success!), baby maddy girl, delicious food, peace and quiet, bare feet, being taken care of, etc. It's weird to be all adults here and just doing whatever we want whenever we want. Can't wait to talk to Johnny tomorrow morning. Is it time to get my hair done if gramps even made a comment about my roots? I know, huh. Liz is so happy and so cute. Just really couldn't be more wholesome around here. Puzzles, sing-alongs, the works.

Here are some things I wanna do while I'm here:
-read a book
-bind the quilt I sewed last Christmas
-watch UP
-plan Liz's wedding
-play the piano
-hang out with Jill


Jill said...

so happy I made the list!

shayna said...

Where's the "eat as much candy and holiday treats as possible" task? You need to get your priorities straight.