Jan 1, 2010

2010: Be Better

In an attempt to not be endlessly depressed about my lack of progress, I've decided to give myself a fairly versatile motto for 2010. This way I can keep working on this and there are lots of ways for me to feel successful about fulfilling my new motto also. Like I could totally be better at vacuuming my room or at eating all my yogurts before they expire, stuff like that. Or I can get real serious and be better at loving people or whatever. It's kind of my way of putting off deciding on real goals and then just applying them retroactively to my motto to feel good. Like adding things to a to-do list after you do them, so that you can cross em off. It's nothing new around here. So that's that, I'm glad I took that 30-minute shower to think about my life and get everything all figured out.

BTW, Vegas is pretty bad at New Year's Eve but really good at fireworks, so I forgive it.

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