Jan 4, 2010

Anything to deter reality

I don't want to go to sleep but I can't keep my eyes open so I'm gonna try this as a distraction for a minute. Funny cuz we were just talking about how babies resist sleep and how silly that is of them. But babies don't have real lives to get back to in the morning so that's the difference. I liked Las Vegas, the actual city, more this trip than I have in probably 3 years. So that was nice. And I liked Avatar but not as much as Fantastic Mr Fox round 2 or UP round 1 but maybe the same as Julie & Julia round 1, except I want to see J&J again and I never want to see Avatar again so that may be saying something. I bet I have a lot of stuff here that could work into the decor of Liz's wedding. Like that bird cage right there could totally hold cards on the gift table. These are the things I'm thinking, it's not hard to know. It kinda bothers me how much time I require to feel comfortable and natural around someone, cept for the fluke people that it happens quickly with. I can't believe those guys sent us flowers, that was so nice of them. Our house is still Christmasy which doesn't bother me. "Make a ninny of him/her self" is my new favorite phrase. I'll probably just wear my new gray shirt I've been wearing for 4 days again tomorrow, already worth the $12.75. I'm cold, my hands and my nose especially. I've got quite the scar brewing on my finger from that dumb cut. Heather's bringing kitty Lucille home tonight to be our pet. I hope we get along and she doesn't leave hair around. I wanna go to California.

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