Jan 14, 2010

it could happen to you

Sometimes I convince myself it's a viable option to take a break from life, just for a couple months or so while everything in my current sitch is frozen and then come back to my life and have it resume as usual. Like just take a really long sleep on a beach or be a very crafty hermit or go to Fish Lake and write a book or travel from sibling's house to sibling's house organizing their kitchens and playing with their kids. Things like that. And obviously time/money don't exist and my body doesn't need food to survive but if I want to eat, I can and I wear the same thing the entire time because it's the most perfect, easiest, grayest outfit and it's always 67 degrees, sometimes with a breeze, sometimes with a hot, hot sun.


imri said...

i really, really want this too.

let me know if you figure out how to do it.

momacita said...

I think that's what I've been doing the past month. I fantasize that I can be someplace where it's perfectly fine to just read or sew all day and I'm not a bum for not fixing dinner or mopping the floor or working on something for RS. There are enough people around so I'm not lonely but there are no demands on me and no matter what exercise I do I enjoy it and healthy, delicious meals somehow miraculously appear and all my thoughts are happy.

angela hardison said...

yes. exactly.