Jan 8, 2010

can't believe/am so happy it's already Friday

things i've done this week that are a little surprising:
applied for a passport (well almost, i filled out the form)
became a part of the bone marrow donor registry
joined a gym
applied to be a contestant on wheel of fortune
ate a ton of fish
started using google reader

i kinda like this year so far.


abby said...

your life will never be the same again. (re: google reader)

Bean said...

I'm on the registry too. Funny we both did it without knowing the other was.
sounds like the start of a great year!

Emilee said...

I love Google Reader. And if you still want to see the blogs in their own home (format and design), you can find a "Next" button under the goodies section for your bookmarks toolbar.

lauren said...

I don't know how life existed without google reader. Welcome to the club.

Veronica said...

what's the passport for?
what's the gym for?

(i'n a kakie) said...

just in cases
and i have no idea

Jill said...

whoa. you just started using google reader? do you love it?

momacita said...

Wow! Katie, that's a lot for one week! I took my first Mastering Your Bernina class and found out I've been doing lots of things wrong (and that's just class one). I also found out I NEED a comfortable sewing chair and a hardwood floor in my sewing room to scoot it around on. I think I may also NEED the embroidery module for a mere $1K. There's a reason they recommend you take these classes.