Jan 4, 2010

kitties and the internet

Sometimes my internet starts going all sluggish on me and I wonder why and then I look up and see something like 46 tabs open. Absurd? Yes. True? Absolutely. I'm excited to see if I burn myself out before the weddings happen or if I'll just love it all the way through.

Hey! Look who we just found! Lucille! We've been looking for her all night! She's so puffy! (and a real great shade of gray)


Veronica said...

I just read this and thought, hey, Hannah had a cat named Lucille! And then I remembered it's the same cat. Anyway, send her my love.

hanner said...

just some things i'm wondern--does she still like taking showers? is she well-behaved? does she sleep in your bed? i feel like i'm the birth mother in an open adoption.

Hans said...

i can't concentrate with more than 4 tabs open at once.