Apr 3, 2010

going steady

Maybe I drove down South and North Temple this afternoon just to watch the millions of people. This is what I saw:

High heels make about 70% of women walk funny
Most people are attractive
Taco truck-very smart idea
An old couple arguing about crossing the street on a red hand - cute/funny/she won
Families are a very good thing
I still don't like (casual) boots with dresses at church. Sorry everyone
I like Salt Lake City

Still, all I could think about was the text conversation my mom and I had one conference weekend about this really good idea for finding me a boyfriend. It involved me getting a flat tire on south temple right when priesthood session gets out to see who would help me. And ya know, date them. Mostly I remember my mom saying 'and just wave him on if he's ringed.' Such a good plan. Foolproof really.


abby said...

i like thinking about you driving around the conference center and watching the people. conference has made me dreadfully homesick. (but what's new??)

Emilee said...

I love Aunt Rach! Seriously, that's the best idea ever.

shayna said...

I can't believe I didn't think of that. Rachel has all the good ideas. 'Ringed?' I think that's going to be my new descriptor.

Kati said...

That sounds like a fun idea! Bet you could get tons to stop just and if they aren't cute just wait for the next:)