Apr 29, 2010

wrong day to wear oxfords (if there is such a thing)

I don't particularly like it when I wake up and can't tell if the white stuff on the trees outside is blossoms or snow. Cuz yesterday it was blossoms but today it's snow. Anyway, at least this unexpected winter is putting me in the mood for some good music I forgot I love:
{Actually, this shouldn't be an 'unexpected' winter because we can get snow up till May 18th without it
being an outlier. But the average last day of snow is April 18th. So we're still on the low end of the bell
curve. Aren't you glad you know that now? Me too. Thanks, Carrie.}


shayna said...

Dear God, please bring snow another day, so that Kate can remember good music and post videos so that Shayna can sit and watch and listen and be completely happy.

upto12 said...

I give that video a thumb's up. I probably need to get acquainted with these fellows on my birthday, right?