Apr 8, 2010

plus i think the insurance guy was hitting on me?

By way of an update: Today at See-ya Megan! lunch, I got a fortune cookie and the fortune said 'eat your vegetables.' I'm not kidding.
Also today-
I looked like this:

Aflac tried to make me buy cancer insurance. (Hey Dad-should I buy cancer insurance?)
Househunted and fell in loud with a house with only 3 bedrooms. But the perfect use of honeycomb tiles and it had garden boxes! and tons of natural light! Conundrum.
Ate my weight in strawberries.
Took an accidental nap in my sun-hot car.
Almost wished I lived in Provo for one second.


Marcilyn said...

so Scuttle is your stylist now?

shayna said...

Lips the house goodbye, you're moving to Provo.