Jun 28, 2010

pretty song, weird dress

Kinda wishing I were watching these guys live right now since they're in town instead of on my computer in my bed. I know some of their songs are annoying but some are really good and they love their kids a lot. Which brings me to my next point—Kori and I would be real good friends if we could just meet. I'm sure of it.


hanner said...

i was confused because i thought that you were the one that didn't like mates of state, but now i remember it's veronica. their familyness just appeals so much to me, and kori is cute when she dances at her organ.

hanner said...

also thanks for introducing this bloggins to me because those kids are perfect. sigh.

Thurston said...

These guys were playing soccer outside my office window yesterday (the patch of grass on the corner of 500 West and 2nd South close to IN the Venue).

I sat there staring at them for 20 minutes before I figured out who they were. Their older daughter was playing goalie for one team, and Jason was playing for the other holding the little girl. I wish I would have taken a picture.

(I am no stalker, I actually came across your blog by googling "the gelato that we ate" ... my brother just got back from Lake Como and his wife said that was the title of the entry for the trip. I never found their blog, but I found yours.)

momacita said...

pretty song, but what's up with her eye makeup? supposed to be smeared mascara from crying?