Jun 3, 2010

since u been gone

Sorry but I've been watching a lot of dumb tv. I didn't even know The Hills/City were still on. (Thanks for the info, Sarah) Not sure I'm glad to have this information or not. (No offense, Sarah) But holy cow. Kristin/Olivia are out of control and now Whitney/Audrina are the most normal ones? I forgot how absurd/awesome it is. I can't look at Heidi or my face hurts. So jacked. Brody's losing points fast and I still don't believe any of them are real people.


Anonymous said...

i don't think they are real, either. it's so weird. where did olivia/kelly cutrone come from? they can't really be living a life like that. can they? i'm confused every time i watch, but i always watch. catch 22.

Veronica said...

i love how joe zee is basically one of the four main girls on the city. and, have you seen spencer's crystals yet? that guy couldn't get any better.

(i'n a kakie) said...