Jun 9, 2010


Had a weird day today. Can't wait till I have the same dilemma that Regan had today:

should i have pizza or gelato for dinner? or both?
i've eaten gelato every single day that I've been here
i already had it today
but i also already had pizza today

And call me whatever but getting my hair done (blonde again!) tonight made me feel 100% better about my weird day. Thanks, Margaret.

(oh sick! I just saw a see-through-y millipede guy run across my room. get outta here!)


hanner said...

bouge problems, regan! that dilemma made me LOL.

shayna said...

Probably should have included a picture of your hot hair.

Regan Johnson said...

ended up with some pasta. Go figure!

momacita said...

Could that be a silverfish?