Jun 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

The older I get, the more I understand what my dad gave up/put in to be the dad he is to us. (Not to mention the husband he is to my mom and the son he is to his mother and the brother he is to his brothers, and the grandpa he is to the babies, etc.) It's not easy having 8 kids. I wish I would have thought about that for one second as a child. But I guess the fact that I never did is just more proof of my good parents. Good thing we've still got tons of years for me to appreciate him. And isn't it just about the best thing in the world to see brothers/cousins/friends become dads? There's nothing better.


Jane said...

I really love this post. And just from hearing him speak at your wedding I could tell that you were raised by a sweet and tender dad.

Bean said...

Yes to all of this! Especially those cool hightops I'm sporting. (the tongue had a secret pocket for coins)

shayna said...