Jun 15, 2011

one year ago today

I flew to Rome all by myself to hang out with my boyfriend for a while. Right about this time we were probably wandering around the train station looking for each other. (Regan told me to meet him at the cow statue at the Rome train station but there were 30 cow statues at the Rome train station. And, I forgot to call him and tell him I'd be 5 hours late. Add in jetlag, exhaustion, heat, and some creepy cab drivers and we were off to a great start.) Although I don't regret it, (Actually, I'm really happy I did it) I don't exactly know how I'm going to explain this one to our teenage daughters.


Bean said...

Ha. We were all so worried and excited for you. And look how fast the train station story become funny and cute.

momacita said...

Exactly! It will be "do as I say, not as I do (did)". Course, you weren't a teenager.