Jul 28, 2010

Florence, Italy

I loved Florence. And just because I had a minor meltdown the night we arrived there (it'd been a long day and suddenly sleeping in a centuries-old convent turned hostel with 3 strangers really started to get my creeps out.) doesn't mean I didn't LOVE Florence. Probably because following that night was one of the most relaxing and awesome days of my life. I'm gonna stand by that statement. We woke up to a hail storm. Actually we woke up to a black bird in our room FREAKING OUT at 6am. But after that, we woke up to a hail storm. So decided to just have some hang out/internet time till it passed (idk, 1pm?)

Then we walked to the Duomo and up the 500? stairs to the top of it

To see incredible views like this

Those hills!

The entire gigantic building had this much detail in it

On our way up

I think this was really the next day.

Then we wandered around shopping for a long time, saw me as a building ^ , I painstakingly debated over a gorgeous pair of handmade oxfords that cost a whole lotta euro, hung out in a photobooth while it rained some more, hiked to the top of town to see more cool views, ate more gelato

Saw ideal neon

Then we did touristy stuff like this while we watched the sunset over the Arno River.
And I took a really good look because it was probably the best sunset I'll ever see in my life.

*I guess at some point I should tell you that Regan took almost all of these pictures. Ya know, so he doesn't sue me.

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core said...

that video. its so vivid and bright. and that close-up was emotional. i wish'd you'd video'd every place you'd went so it was like i went too. thanks, hun