Jul 2, 2010

Italy In Pictures: Rome

I promise I won't do this many pictures about each city. Probably.

vatican city mailbox

for matt

trevi fountain

regan'll never get over this place

forno pizza. my first meal in italy. yum.

richard meier built this cool modern building around the Ara Pacis (an ancient Roman peace alter)

some sweet signs on a wall

pantheon ceiling

colosseum - I could have sat in here for days

the forum across the street from the colosseum

I don't remember what this is. Cool.

not pictured: a million hours of getting there, our near disastrous meeting strategy at the train station, the heat, the rain, the sistine chapel, the 'breakfast' from our bed&breakfast, most perfect meal at gusto, the cute paper and napkin rings that I bought, spanish steps, vatican museum

Is this already old news?


abby said...

kate, these are beautiful. i think italy is maybe the best country in europe. (well, of the few i've been to.) more pictures!

shayna said...

More more more more more.

Hope said...

the picture of you at that ara pacis is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

not old news!!! more! you are so cute!

momacita said...

Beautiful! You should tell us more. And the Colosseum. Wow! It looks pretty deserted. I thought it would always be full of tourists. No? The Romans were amazing engineers.

Veronica said...

i'm glad you did this. and this is not nearly enough pictures.

Lyle said...

Um, what is this guy's connection with Italy? And why did you not consult the family expert on Italy?