Jul 8, 2010

Italy in words (mostly): Sorrento/Capri

June 15

Metro metro 4 hour bus to Sorrento
Gorgeous green hills/cliffs/shoreline-I had no idea
Perfect breeze at all times
Super deluxe hostel
Yummy lemon granitas
Cannot drink enough water
Gelato- him: caramel & green apple

June 16
Bye bye Sorrento
Walk to port, millions of old people on boat to Capri
Checked bags
Ferry into grotto, still can't believe it, we had the best guy so I gave him 20 euro?
Bus to Anacapri-WHOA the views/crazy driving
Chairlift up Monte Solaro-so so quiet, solo seats, breathtaking views, lots of fun. Views at top were unbelievable-cliffs, birds, etc.
Walked down through vegetation-lizards!
Lemon chocolate/lemon honey
Bus back to Capri
Boat to Naples-pulled straight out from Capri and the second I wasn't on the island it seemed completely fake to me
Naples is the grossest place on Earth

Total transportation for the day: walk, boat, boat, rowboat, boat, bus, chair lift, walk, bus, boat, walk, train, taxi


momacita said...

Oh, Katie! Now I do want to go to Italy. Thanks for whetting my appetite. And there's a song about Sorrento but I can't remember the name. And did you wear capris on Capri? I would have.

momacita said...

Me again. I think you meant JUNE 15 and 16?

Patrice Pedersen said...