Jul 2, 2010

is it 2 hours from now yet????

This is exactly how I want to dress. Every last piece. From now till forever.


upto12 said...

Would you have to make that same weird face all the time you were wearing all those clothes? Because I think that (and the not-awesome eye makeup) would be a dealbreaker.

momacita said...

Oh, me too! Is it too late? She's right up there with Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle. Especially if I could have Meg's hair kind of twisted and pulled back and up. I've always wished I could look like that and go kicking leaves in the forest in the fall with Dave on our way to the village to get fresh apples and then go home to our little cabin with a fire in the fireplace because it's cold outside. Okay, now you all know my fantasy. Oh, and the village needs to be a little coastal town with a rocky shore, east or west coast is fine, as long as it isn't touristy but still has neat stores. I know, TMI.

momacita said...

Me again. I just looked at the rest of the clothes and I would have to nix the sleeveless dresses, of course, but I love that skirt in both colors. And my fantasy is actually doable, don't you think?