Jun 16, 2011

Some Reviews

Movie to see: Super8
The kids make it all worth it. They're perfect. (And of course, Coach Taylor) Even though I really really really wish they would have kept it more simple and cut out the special effects, crazy unrealistic stuff, politics, and cheesiness. Would have been more suspenseful, more funny, more meaningful, etc. Like Hollywood cares about any of that though, right?

TV show to watch (besides Bachelorette of course): Shark Tank
Seems like I'd hate it because these people are so extreme but I can't get enough. People bring their businesses to these 5 billionaire business sharks and cut deals with them/get torn apart by them. It's so entertaining. And they go through the people fast so it's easy to watch. 

Music to listen to: Bon Iver
I know it's not technically out yet but pretty much everyone's been listening to it. (Sorry, Justin) It's really good. Really really good. So pretty. A couple songs sound like Phil Collins which makes Regan mad and makes me happy. So look out for that.

Social Media to try for the 50th time: Twitter
I guess it's okay but I think my real problem is that I need an smart/iphone to really enjoy it.

Ipad Game that still rules so much: Bejeweled
Regan and I tag-team it and we're almost to 2mill on the scoreboard. Just saying. It's what we see when we close our eyes.

While I'm at it, here are some other things I've been enjoying a lot lately that aren't media-related (I got a bit depressed after reading that post): summer softball with friends, the pork burrito at this place, eating pounds of strawberries, finally starting our awesome line-a-day journal, good news about babies all over the place, windows-open weather, etc. 


hanner said...

butwhy can't you tweet on your ipad?

hanner said...

also, that is funny about phil collins. have you heard BI's cover of "come talk to me"? i like his version much more than the original, although the original makes me feel like i'm in africa. or something.

kate said...

and we all know you love africa

angela hardison said...

just added you on twitter... i could always use some more entertaining people!

bon iver: so good.

momacita said...

What's line-a-day journal? I'm wondering if it's the thing I saw advertised and wanted but never got around to getting.

elizabeth said...

One of those kids in Super 8 is from Cedar City. He plays Charles. Pretty much Cedar's only claim to fame.