Aug 28, 2011

And Now

The perfect way to spend a very breezy yet peaceful Sunday after a hurricane. Cinnamon waffles with fresh peaches and an entire season of Project Runway. Maybe some unpacking if we get ambitious.

(We woke up a few times in the night to check out the crazy winds/rains but no major damage around here. Just a new giant pond for Prospect Park and a freezer full of frozen water bottles for us. Pretty lucky cuz we still get to say we lived through a hurricane but we haven't actually had to deal with anything unpleasant. Please bless that continues.)


Bean said...

Yum! We have cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven.

Allison said...

so glad the hurricane calmed down for you guys. hope you are well in the big city. enjoy your blustery day!

shayna said...

Can I come to your house the next time a hurricane comes through?