Aug 23, 2011

Things I'm Learning (part 1, I'm sure)

I don't care for humidity (silver lining: I don't need any lotion here)
I need an iphone
"Close" is a very relative concept
How to not be freaked out by the fact that there are always going to be lots of people around me
Even "nice" air mattresses aren't that nice
I may have brought too much stuff (still, somehow, even though it's about 50% of what I owned 3 months ago)
I don't own comfortable shoes
I really like parks (in the daylight)
I'm not much of a solo adventurer
It rains a lot in New York in August (but "Just wait for Fall!!" They tell me)
Being a mormon is probably going to really save my life out here


megan said...

I need to know what amount of stuff is just right cause somehow even living out of one bag I managed to have too much. and now I can't even believe how many clothes are in my closet.

lindsay lark said...

I, too, have learned many of these lessons in the last few months in Chicago. After a few melt downs and spending a lot of time lost and confused, I caved and got an iphone- it's been a life saver. I only moved out here with what I could fit in my car and then ended up getting rid of half of that- thus I wear the same 5 outfits weekly. Also got rid of the majority of my shoes and I do things like walk to church in my stinky Toms and then put them in my purse when I get there. Hope you're loving city life!