Aug 15, 2011

There are so many things I am not believing

John and Lacey are married.
Our family reunion was awesome but obviously way too short.
I have a husband again!
I live in New York now.
I need to find a job somehow.
Our place is perfect minus the gunk that comes with really old buildings. For example, we have a wooden toilet seat. But we're working on that.
Everyone in our ward is so nice. And mostly from Utah. And everyone has awesome careers.
It's been pouring rain since I got here and I haven't minded at all.
I have no idea how we're going to get our 1600 pounds of stuff up our 4 stories of stairs.
Regan committed me to go on one individual venture today but I don't know if I'm ready for that.
Groceries are expensive and grocery stores are tiny.
Sleeping/living on an air mattress feels a lot like sleeping/living on a water bed. I bet.
So far, I feel like I'm just on vacation.


hanner said...

you can do it!

shayna said...

Ask all those nice people to use their strong muscles to move all that stuff up those stairs. I like the individual venture. Grocery shopping? Send a letter off from the post office? You're married. Woah.

abby said...

This is exciting Kate!

Kristine said...

i'm just really excited to come visit!
please go to Zabars near central park. you'll love it.

kate said...

You should apply for this:

because Jennica is so great (we are from the same town) and you seem real cool.

emily said...

ah yes. we are moving today. 5 flights o' stairs. can't wait.
and yeah, it's raining too.