Jan 16, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, everyone came over to the Johnsons for their traditional festivities: dinner, nativity, cookie trains. Unfortunately, Gwen slept through it all. Fortunately, Regan and I did not.

Regan helped his mom paint this when he was young. Adorable, right? 

Actually, I'm glad Gwen wasn't awake to be Baby Jesus because then this picture never would have happened.

Angel Junie

This was the climax of the story, obviously.

It was a long journey.

We got a little progressive and made a G subway car for our cookie train.

(I can't believe I had 2 back-to-back posts with no Gwennie. Not to fret, so many more bloggins from Gwen's Tour Around the West to come.)


lissa said...

UHHHHH WHERE'S GWEN? Jk, all these pictures are so adorable!

momacita said...

I love that set for the Nativity story. And, I feel like a slacker.