Jan 28, 2013


We couldn't resist sneaking away to Pinedale in the middle of our Utah trip. I was itching to see these kids and Regan was itching to drive a car into the middle of nowhere (and to see the kids of course). Win-win. I didn't take any pictures of the huge blue sky and glaring white snow everywhere but it was beautiful. We spent a quick 24 hours inside playing charades and wii and doing puzzles while the kids took care of Gwen. Bill got her laughing like crazy and John was happy to have an actual baby around to prove that he's not one anymore.


bec said...

This all makes me so happy. But Gwen giggling and Bill is so perfect.

upto12 said...

Bill gets the same reaction from me.

And I wanna fist-fight everyone who spent time with sweet baby Gwen. It's not fair. Really not fair.

shayna said...

I still want to join you on one of your trips to Pinedale. I know I'll love every minute of it.