Jan 16, 2013

Forever Ago

Way back in December, we left a sleeping Gwen with a friend and went to a fancy-pants tapas party. I don't think these pictures do the wall-to-wall seating justice. It was pretty cool. These people just really know how to put a party together. The food was so so yummy and surprisingly filling for just a bunch of small things. It made me want to throw some parties again (haven't done a single one since our wedding) and also made me wish our baby knew how to drink a bottle so leaving her at home wouldn't be such a foreign concept.


amazomeg said...

oh, I forgot about that dress. such a good dress! cool party, too.

shayna said...

I agree with Megan. I love that dress. I love you in that dress.

momacita said...

Looks fun. Such a beautiful table!