Apr 30, 2008

it was my month and i didn't even know it

April is national grilled cheese month. Today's the last day of April. And I've just been sitting here all month trying to justify another trip to Esther's and/or think up a reason for a nonsense party. And now my reason's here. And gone. Grilled Cheese Month! All month long! I can't believe this. Now I've got 1 lunch left to choose between like 7 outstanding grilled cheese sandwiches. My life is really hard. 

UPDATE: so as to not have this trauma take place next month, megan did some research and may is national bike, asparagus, BBQ and mental health month. seriously. it's all those months. booya. i can't wait to ride my bike around eating grilled asparagus and talking to myself.


lindsay lark said...

What?! You mean to tell me that I could've justified eating grilled cheese sandwiches all month long? Such a shame.

adam said...

i wanna know your 7 recipes

bec said...

what's funny is i can totally picture you riding your bike around with asparagus in hand talking to yourself.