Apr 16, 2008

just jill

Just Jill's in UTAH! not connecticut, UTAH. i'm just sitting here ticking down the minutes till i get to see her. jill's like, my best friend. she's like, the missing ingredient in my life right now. she's like, the reason summer2005 rocked my world. she's like, been a good friend ALWAYS. we like, had a family plan for our cell phones (and i was always going over on my texts and she was always the responsible one reminding me to pay the bill). i don't know if my mom has ever been more right than when she urged me to be friends with jill way back in '96 (or was it '95? point is-it's been a while). course i had bigger fish to fry (less cool people to try to be exactly like even though they didn't have 1/5 the substance jill does). i'm really glad i came to my senses on this one. we are basically nothing alike, jill and i. and i don't know why we get eachother so well but we just do so i don't waste my time asking questions. it's things like her saying we can just watch a movie (i'll bet you $10 it's tommy boy-or-10 things i hate about you-orrr-clueless) and eat lots of cookie dough tonight that make me love her. she always knows what i need. it's almost weird how good she is at being my friend. sometimes i think about what she does for me and i kinda wonder what's in this friendship for her. i'm just really excited to see her.

(I don't remember what we're doing in this picture. I just know that it was during summer2005. And I think we were either rollerskating or this was the night we went to Utah Lake and laid on the docks for no reason and saw that skunk! and that those smiles are as authentic as they come. and that i miss that shirt.)


upto12 said...

Just kidding she's your best friend. Just kidding she isn't?

Meredith said...

i like the look of your blog these days. i like jill as well. i like campaigning for my cousin trevor to be BYUSA president with jill. i like gilmore girls. I love jess.

Oh, and I like you of course.

Allison said...

i didn't steal your shirt. i borrowed it a lot. it is a great shirt. but i don't have it.

John Boy said...

Hi, Just Jill. Welcome to the west. And Katie: 1. Mom is always right.
2. If Mom is wrong, check rule 1.

Momacita said...

Oops, that was Momacita, not Johnnyboy. I guess he was already logged on.