Apr 3, 2008

just fyi

-sleepless in seattle is still a very very enjoyable movie. 
-canned soup is good for at least 2 months past the expiration date printed on the bottom of the can
-some times if you just email an artist they'll have some prints lying around with staples in them that you can buy even though the website has said it's 'sold out' for the last 4 years
-lemon curd is the new honey
-i still want one


Playa!!! said...

i really want you to buy a bunny. i am not kidding. you should get a bunny. here's something else--I JUST SAW A RABBIT SWIM! did you know they swim? it was on some commercial, they put a rabbit in a big glass tank and it swam... blew me away.

heather said...

ha ha. i love so much that you want a bunny.

me said...

lemon curd is so good. i will eat it with you if you want.

Momacita said...

I've always wondered about lemon curd. So it's good, is it? Sounds yummy. Where is it in the store?