May 8, 2008

everybody loves carrie

it'd been too long since we'd had a party on E street. and it was carrie's birthday. and the BEES were in town. seemed like the stars couldn't be more perfectly aligned. and then it started raining. and raining. and raining. weird, right? since it's may 7? and it was like 77 degrees yesterday? yeah, i thought so too. so we bagged the game (no one likes soggy bees) and just made up for it in thai food. followed by lots and lots of sugary treats. i think having my house full of people that i like and care about and them having a good time is in like the 93rd percentile of things that make me happy. here are some pictures.
breanne kept getting herself in weird situations:

it was rory's birthday too (obviously). look at him. pay attention to him:

just mingling. it comes naturally:

we never do this when you leave:

the reason for the season:

sugar! (sometimes i almost feel guilty for facilitating this type of eating for all my friends. but only for like 1 second. and then i'm like sugar! again.)

ohhhh. cute! birthday babies:

and then carrie and i polished off any remant of any sugar while staying up way too late and boggling our minds. (how is it fair that the prime of our body is like a 1/3 through our life? and not at least 1/2? what do you mean we've ALWAYS existed? how many babies can i have if i start having them RIGHT NOW? etc. etc. etc.) (this is just what happens to us when it's 3+am and we've been downing sugar in all forms for the last 6 hours. it's like time-release drugs or something. the hyper just keeps coming. too much information? sorry. just kidding i'm not.)


hanner said...

There is never any proof that I attend any of these functions.

Megan said...

God bless sugar.