May 29, 2008

thank heaven for huntsmans

There are some things I will just probably never do in my life. I will probably never stay here. I will probably never have 225 million dollars. I will probably never live in Sweden. In fact, of all the things in the world, I'm going to do a very very minuscule number of them. But I am really glad that they are being done. We can't all do everything, you know? So I'm really glad that other people are around to do all the things that I will never do. Like open bakeries and become surgeons and travel the world and run marathons and be janitors and make their own furniture. I'm especially grateful for people who do things (teenie or huge) that benefit others more than themselves, I wish I had the resources and the goodness of heart to do those types of things all day every day but I just don't. I guess my point is just that we need other people. And we should be glad for them. I can stare at basically any item and list hundreds and hundreds of people that had a part in creating it. I was doing that today with an IV line/rack/thing. So, there's the guy that invented the IV line and the stand it hangs on and the tubing and the needle, the people that know how to put one into an arm, the people that fix them when they break, the people that bring it into your hospital room for you, the people that clean the floor it slides across, the people that installed that floor, the people that made that floor, the people that built the building and machines that floor was made in, etc. People are a very good thing.

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lindsay lark said...

I had that exact same thought process about the IV pole. Weird.