May 9, 2008

who taught my mom how to text? OR once a wolf, always a wolf

This has been going on for some time, my parents texting me. But never is it as excessive as it's been during the last week of little J's intense playoff games:

5/8/08 from 7:33 pm - 9:58 pm
- GV 1 run homer. Darren single. J single. Brett caught fly. Marc homer. Mikey double. Schulte double. Josh out. Corey out. 4-1 wolves.
- Brady out. Darren single. J single. Brett single. Marc up. Pitching change. Ace comes out. Mikey single. Mike single. Josh single. Corey k. Cody pop up. Top of 3. 9-1 wolves.
- GV hits. And walks. 4-9 with 1 out. Pitching change. Blake on mound. 5-9. Grand slam. Tied. 2 outs. 3 outs, finally.
- Darren out at 1. J single. Brett Single. J scores. Marc single. Mikey single. Brett scores. Mike flies out. Mikey out in pickle. 12-9.
- GV up. Triple. Darren in to pitch. Double. Out. Fly out. Double. 11-12. Out.
- Bottom of 4. Josh flies out. Corey k. Cody k.
- Single. Double. Homer. 14-12. Out at 1. Double. Mikey in to pitch. K. Caught fly.
- Darren out at 1. J double. Brett single. Marc single. MIkey fielder's choice. Mike. Brett steals home. Mikey k.
(mom's off to hospital. liz takes over.)
- ross pops out. number 4 (no idea who he is) strikes out. 15 triples on an error. Parke out at first. no runs. still tied 14-14.
- Romero catches his third ball in 6 inning in center field for 3 outs.
- Top 7: Feher pegs one and walks one. One gets out. Big hit double in hole. 2 runs. An out at first. 2 more walk. New pitcher. J catches fly. 16-14 GV.
- Bottom 7: J gets pegged. Wellman gets walked. New pitcher. Big hitter Romero up.
- Deep deep hit to center. And it's...caught. Two runners. Feher hits a runner in with a single. Next schulte is out at first but advances the runners. Ross is up. One strike. One ball. Pops a foul ball and it's caught. Game over. 15-16 GV.
-Game tomorrow at 1 at eldorado. Our opponent: Green Valley. I'm so sick of them.

I'd be surprised if any of you made it through that. I can't believe I typed out all of those texts. But yes, I know who all those boys are. And yes, I've been completely glued to my phone during these games. And completely bummed that they're over. They played Green Valley for the 3rd day in a row today. And they lost. It's really sad for me. The Dirty Dozen deserved a better end. (there really are only 12 on their team. And most of them have been together since Little League days. It's just so endearing.) And it just had to be Green Valley. Gag. I am so sick of them. Anyway, I hope the Wolves all recover in time to properly enjoy Senior Prom tomorrow night.


Bean said...

The game, the texting, the Dirty Dozen, the pickle.

Jill said...

I cannot believe they text! And it's not like, how are you? or when are you coming home, this was some intense texting...i'm sure beyond T9word...strong work Rachel

kake said...

Oh yeah, way beyond T9. She sees it as a challenge to send out perfect texts. Like, when I asked if her phone had any games, she counted texting as one. So classic.