May 6, 2011

Moon River/Nevermind

I came here to write a post about our ridiculous battle to get a humongous water leak in our apartment fixed and had some really good one liners almost worked out in my head (washing my dishes with our neighbor's shower water and wondering if a drywall bath is as beneficial as a mud bath and how it's kinda cool to come home to a huge hole in your bathroom wall with no explanation for it (hadn't worked out the one-liner for that point yet) and stuff) but then someone posted this video and I watched it and then I didn't really care as much. Plus Regan's (thank heavens) finally on a plane back here right now and he got a whole row to himself. So, whatever.


Veronica said...

Plus Pants on Fire went from 20-1 odds this morning to 9-1 tonight. Lookin good, Rosie.

abby said...

i'm wishing i knew what veronica's comment means?

moon river is kind of my song for pearl. i'm so glad you posted this! gorgeous.

momacita said...

Beautiful! Love the quilt in the background, and for a minute there, Katie, I thought the girl was sitting on your chair.